The ARA Technical Standards state:
T16. In the event of there being inadequate sources of naturally occurring drinking quality water on the course, organisers shall provide sufficient water drops that competitors do not have to carry an excessive quantity of water. Organisers shall ensure that water is available at these water drops for the duration of the event.

The lack of advertised water is a potentially serious safety and health risk. It can be grossly unfair to competitors if forced to modify their course.
The Australian Rogaining Association is determined to ensure that Australian Rogaining Championship (ARC) organisers plan and implement reliable on-course water supplies at future ARCs.

The policy adopted at the AGM at Nannup, WA in 2016 consists of the following key requirements:

  • The ARC organisers are required to formally prepare a Water Management Plan detailing water locations, volume, resources and planned replenishment procedures. The Technical Sub-Committee can provide organisers with advice when developing the plan.
  • The ARA Executive shall review the organiser’s Water Management Plan (or appoint a non-competing Water Steward to do so) prior to the event. This review shall ensure that it is adequate and will be implemented successfully.
  • The Technical Sub-Committee retains the details of each plan and recommendations, in order to build knowledge and assist future organisers.