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2024 Australasian Rogaining Championships, WA 7-8 September

The Mysterious Traveller Rogaine

The 2024 Australasian Rogaine Championships will be hosted in WA on the weekend of 7th and 8th September 2024.

Where is the Mysterious Traveller?  A mask, an old logging village, a Melburnian forester, and ochre springs.  We may need to navigate complex river valleys (150m a.s.l. to 300m a.s.l.).  There may be a few pines, but we are mostly in stunning Jarrah - Marri - Blackbutt forest.  We leave the open Nannup farmlands of 2016 far behind. We have a very easy trip here - less than 3hrs southish of Perth and less than 1hr Bunbury.  For all travellers, far, near, mysterious or not, the Event Bus will take you on a magical tour from the airport to the event via a replenishing town.  The Setting and Vetting team look forward to showing you some topographical mysteries!

For more information, including the schedule for buses from Perth Airport, please visit https://wa.rogaine.asn.au/index.php/events/744-2024-australasian-rogaine-champs


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