Here is an article by Bud Laird on Rogaining in South Dakota, the location of this year's World Rogaining Champs: Rogaining in South Dakota

Also, a message from the OUSA Rogaine Committee and Bob Reddick...

Lots of space still available for teams of all experience levels for the World Rogaining Champs on August 16-17 2014 in the Black Hills of South Dakota, USA. Junior teams (<20 Yrs.) are invited  -  maybe your family, club, state, or country could sponsor one or more? Come and listen to the Barking Beetles, see the curious cats, avoid the sleeping Bison, and enjoy the marvelous scenery – while also visiting with the top athletes in your sport! So get your team together and register now, and encourage your friends to come along. My 87-year-old partner has just registered!

For the blog, photos, directions, etc., go to:

Bob Reddick, OUSA Rogaine Committee and IRF rep.