The ARA technical subcommittee is a standing subcommittee of the Australian Rogaining Association. It consists of a single chairperson plus a representative from each state association affiliated with the ARA. The chairperson is appointed annually by the ARA at its Annual General Meeting and incumbent chairpersons are eligible for reappointment. The state representatives are appointed by their respective state associations and retain their positions on the subcommittee until that position is revoked in writing by their state association and a replacement appointed.

The subcommittee shall continue to operate until such time as the ARA Council determines that it is no longer required and either disbands it or replaces it with another body.


The subcommittee operates on a consultative basis under the coordination of the chairperson. State representatives are expected to seek the input and approval of their respective state management committees as and when they see fit. Any input received from a state representative is deemed to be provided with the authority of their state association unless specifically stated otherwise.

Wherever practical the subcommittee will operate on a consensus basis. Where the chairperson deems that a consensus approach to a specific issue is not appropriate, or achievable, decisions will be taken on the basis of a simple majority of state representatives. In such cases the chairperson shall not have a deliberative vote but shall have a casting vote in the case of a tied vote.

With respect to policy and related issues, such as those relating to changes in technical regulations, guidelines and the like, the subcommittee shall act only as an advisory body to the ARA Council. No decisions by the subcommittee on such issues shall be valid unless and until approved by the ARA Council.


The subcommittee shall fulfil the following functions:

  1. Maintain the Technical Regulations of the ARA including undertaking a formal review of these not less often that every three years.
  2. Maintain the Environmental Guidelines of the ARA.
  3. Provide interpretation as required of the Technical Regulations and Environmental Guidelines.
  4. Via the chairperson, provide an annual report to the ARA Council at it’s Annual General Meeting.
  5. Maintain this Charter, including undertaking a formal review not less often that every three years.
  6. Promote the ARA Technical Regulations and Environmental Guidelines to all ARA affiliated state associations and in particular promote the culture of fairness and participation as the cornerstones of rogaining.
  7. Assist as requested with development and maintenance of the rules and technical standards for rogaining outside of Australia.
  8. Other functions as requested by the ARA Council.

The sub-committee shall conduct a review following each Australian Rogaining Championships, drawing on the experiences of the organiser and the participants, to examine issues arising related to the standard of the event with respect to the application of the Rules and Technical Regulations. The sub-committee, acting through the chair and relevant state representative, shall make contact with the organiser of the following Australian Rogaining Championships, to make the organiser aware of issues of concern regarding the application of the Rules and Technical Regulations.